KV ITBP Library is an open accessed Library. School Library is being   computerized. The School Library stands high up to the information needs of students and staff members of the Vidyalaya. With a collection of around 6670 thoughtfully selected books, 34 Periodicals and Educational Multimedia the library complement the teaching learning process inspiring the students to dream high. The library’s book capacity has nearly doubled in course of time. A combination of picture books, fiction, Encyclopedias, non-fiction, big books, Biographies, Sample Papers, Magazines, award-winning books and curriculum enrichment materials, makes the Library an inviting and productive learning environment. The library and its staff is dedicated to provide the best collection and service to children, educators and parents. Students come along with class during their library slot as well independently. Children are encouraged to start reading at an early age, and for primary students there are series of books including Noddy, the Enid Blyton series and many other interesting story books and comics appealing to young readers. These are for primarily for teachers and Higher Secondary Students. Newspapers and magazines containing current events are available on a separate stand for student and teacher reference. Computer systems are available in the library and children can book in advance a time slot of half an hour with the librarian. Main Services Provided by the Vidyalaya Library is:-

To Develop Reading habits in Students by giving them chance to read the books and magzines of their own choice in their Respective Library Period.

 To Issue Books selected by Students and Teachers for home reading.

To assist the students to find a particular type of information contained in books or on internet.

To assist the students to prepare materials for their CCA and morning assembly.



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